Our Values

Our company values are the qualities our employees strive to reflect in our daily service. We feel these are foundational traits that make Colorado Concierge the company it is.

Personal Interaction
Computers and automated systems don’t quite have the same hospitable charm and friendly engagement that people can have. We want to portray the type of pleasant attitude and warm welcome that guests should expect to find in Colorado’s down-to-earth ski resorts.

Individual consideration
If there are two families who want slope side lodging close to town with an outdoor pool, we don’t assume the same resort is always best for both families. We value treating each group of guests as the unique individuals they are, being considerate of style, age, interests, budget, luxury etc. when determining the best fit a specific guest’s booking.

We’re here when you need us most, and willing to do anything we can to ease your stress, workload, and boredom when in Summit County! We want guests to have the help they need, when they need it, having immediate guidance with no delay always just a click or phone call away!

Real people who honestly just want to help guests enjoy Colorado as much as possible. Thanks to our guests, we are able to call Colorado our home. We want to give back to those who give to us by offering assistance finding the best services in town and helping to explore all the fun activities available to them.

Pleasant Attitudes, Friendly Service
We want every part of a Colorado experience to be pleasant and easygoing, making sure we do our part to provide friendly and attentive service throughout the booking process. We want guest’s to feel comfortable and accommodated and having a pleasant personality is essential to making sure that’s accomplished.