Beaver Creek Dog Sledding

Experience Levels

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Kid Friendly

  • Ages 9 & older can drive
  • Ages 3 & older can ride
  • Kids 4 to 8 are 1/2 off

Activity Pricing

  • Starting at $85.00 Per Musher (Driver)
  • Starting at $45.00 Per Passenger or Child

Tour Types

  • Half Day
  • Full Day
  • Guided
  • Family
  • Group
  • Scenic


  • Insulated Coveralls
  • Snow Boots
  • Helmets
  • Transportation

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Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime? Well you’ve come to the right place! Dog Sledding in Beaver Creek is an adventure that you’ll never forget and it’s perfect for families & groups of all ages. This amazing activity allows guests to drive or mush the dogsled while a team of Husky dogs pulls you through the snowy forests of the Rocky Mountains. Beaver Creek Dogsledding guests also have the option to ride on the dogsled while it’s being towed by the husky team, allowing you to relax while taking in this one of a kind adventure in the beautiful snow filled meadows of the White River National Forest. This is truly one of the most amazing experiences the Rocky Mountains has to offer.

Dog Sledding in Beaver Creek is a great adventure that will make a long-lasting impression on you & your family for years to come. Our dogsledding tours in Beaver Creek will allow you to explore the forest with an amazing team of dogs and a well-experienced guide, showing you all the beauty mother nature has to offer. Dog sledding in Beaver Creek is a perfect group activity providing an adventurous experience for all!

Beaver Creek dogsledding tours offer a unique adventure for the entire family. Take turns riding and mushing alongside your graceful pack of dogs through the snowy mountains on a group dog sledding tour or family dog sledding tour in Beaver Creek. Whether you ride with one sled on a singles tour or multiple sleds on a group tour, Beaver Creek dog sledding will suit your needs & provide a breathtaking Rocky Mountain experience.

Are you seeking a unique family adventure while on vacation in Beaver Creek? Colorado Concierge offers family dog sledding tours in Beaver Creek providing a perfect snowy experience for everyone! Taking a journey on a Beaver Creek dogsledding tour with an exhilarating team of dogs through the Beaver Creek Rocky Mountains will leave your family with memories to cherish for a lifetime. One of Beaver Creek’s experienced dog sledding guides will ride along your side to help navigate a safe & enjoyable experience during your family dog sledding tour in Beaver Creek.

Colorado Concierge’s dog sledding tours in Beaver Creek are a unique adventure that will be a memorable experience for all. Maximize your vacation by exploring the pristine backcountry of Beaver Creek Colorado with a great team of dogs on a Beaver Creek family dog sledding tour. Beaver Creek dogsledding tour operators will provide some warm weather clothing but you’ll want to dress warm as you’ll be dogsledding through our high alpine climate.

Booking your Beaver Creek family dog sledding tour has never been easier. Colorado Concierge provides a quick and easy reservations process that is one click or phone call away. We’ll even provide transportation for your Beaver Creek dogsledding tour so you can enjoy every minute of your vacation. Take advantage of this one of a kind adventure by contacting Colorado Concierge today to book your dogsledding ride in Beaver Creek!

Do you have a large group seeking an action-packed adventure during your visit to Colorado? Well you’ve come the right place. Colorado Concierge offers group Beaver Creek dog sledding tours which are designed for larger groups. Beaver Creek dog sledding tours provide the unique experience of mushing through the snow filled forests while being pulled by a team of gracious sled dogs. Guests also have the opportunity to relax on the dogsled while it’s being driven by another member of your group so you can sit back and take in the amazing scenery. Beaver Creek dogsledding is a unique adventure that will keep you coming back to Beaver Creek year after year.

Beaver Creek dogsledding tours are one of the best ways to enhance your vacation. Each tour is accompanied by a dogsledding guide who will show the ropes of dogsledding in Beaver Creek and ensure your satisfaction from start to finish. Transportation is provided for most Beaver Creek dogsledding tours so click or call today for rates & availability.

When taking a group dog sledding tours in Beaver Creek you’ll want to dress for the occasion. Our Beaver Creek dogsledding tour operators will provide some accessories including insulated coveralls & boots but you’ll want to dress warm like you would for a day of skiing. Please review our entire Beaver Creek dogsledding section for tips on how to make this a fun & comfortable adventure.

Dog Sledding Age Requirements:
Some dogsledding tours have age requirements to ensure the safety of your party. Please check with our staff for the requirements of your specific tour

-Minimum age to drive or mush a sled: 9 years old
-Minimum age to participate on the tour as a passenger: 3 years old

What’s INCLUDED in this Activity:
Your Dogsledding outfitter will be happy to provide you with the following items however, guests tend to be most comfortable in their own ski clothes if available

-Insulated Coveralls
-Snow Boots

What’s NOT INCLUDED in the Activity:

To enjoy your dog sledding adventure and be protected from the high alpine climate, you’ll want to have each of these items

-Warm Gloves or Mittens
-Goggles or Sunglasses
-Face Masks and Neck Gators
-Sunscreen (even on cloudy days)
-Generally guests should dress in warm layers as you would for a day skiing on the mountain

Other General Notes

-All major credit cards accepted.
-All dogsledding tours are Subject to a 48-hour non-refundable cancellation policy
-A signed liability agreement is required prior to the tour.
-Complimentary transportation can be provided in advance upon request
-Guests driving to the Base Camp for Check-in must arrive 30 minutes prior to tour time
-Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in this activity for safety reasons