Copper Mountain Sleigh Rides

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  • Hot Chocolate Sleigh Rides
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Activity Pricing

  • Starting at $84.00 Per Adult
  • Starting at $55.00 Per Child
  • Kids under 3 are FREE

Fun For All Ages

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  • Teenagers
  • Adults
  • Seniors

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Are you looking for an amazing family adventure during your visit to Copper Mountain? Well you’ve come to the right place. Our Copper Mountain sleigh rides will take you through the snowy forest on a horse drawn carriage where you’ll be bundled up with blankets, drinking hot chocolate and be with the ones you love. Our Copper Mountain sleigh rides will bring you to a cozy log cabin in the forest where a rustic dinner will be served while immersing yourself in old tales of the west provided by our dinner theatre group.

Sleigh rides in Copper Mountain are a perfect winter wonderland experience! The winter forest, the sound of the horses prancing through the snow and the crisp mountain air, what more could you ask for! Colorado Concierge is proud to offer this once in a lifetime experience to all visitors of Copper Mountain. Our sleigh rides include Copper Mountain hot chocolate sleigh rides, Copper Mountain dinner sleigh rides & private Copper Mountain sleigh rides. Each Copper Mountain sleigh rides has its own unique features that will surely make your visit to Copper Mountain one to remember. Call Colorado Concierge today for more information about our sleigh rides in Copper Mountain.

Dinner Sleigh Rides in Copper Mountain are a unique experience that is sure to capture the hearts of everyone. Guests can expect to journey through the forest on a horse drawn carriage taking in all the amazing sights & sounds that our White River National Forest has to offer. After your Copper Mountain sleigh ride, you’ll be taken to a log cabin deep in the forest where a rustic dinner will be served. To top things off, you get a taste of old mountain living when our dinner theatre group reenacts old tales from the wild west. Our Copper Mountain dinner sleigh rides are truly an amazing experience.

No vacation is complete without a Copper Mountain dinner sleigh ride. Copper Mountain sleigh rides are not only peaceful & relaxing but they’re also an informative lesson about the old mining & trapping history of Copper Mountain. Experiencing a sleigh ride in Copper Mountain is a great way to enhance your vacation. Each Copper Mountain sleigh ride is led by an entertaining & knowledgeable guide, allowing you to relax and embrace the snow-capped mountain views and starry night skies.

Are you in Copper Mountain with a large group and looking for a unique experience? Well you’ve come to the right place. Colorado Concierge offers groups sleigh rides in Copper Mountain allowing you & your group to glide through the forest on a horse drawn sleigh while taking in the picturesque scenery. Each tour is led by a guide who will drive the horses while telling tales of the old west. Our Copper Mountain sleigh rides are a great way to get outside & see mother nature first hand.

Enjoy your group sleigh ride in Copper Mountain in a gorgeous handcrafted sleigh. With cushioned seats and sturdy backrests, they’ll carry you over the glistening snow in comfort and style! Colorado Concierge’s Copper Mountain group sleigh rides can accommodate any size group ranging from 2 to 28 passengers. This snowy mountain experience will have your group or family coming back to Copper Mountain year after year.

Booking your Copper Mountain sleigh ride has never been easier. All you have to do is select your Copper Mountain sleigh ride dates, the number of people in your group then Colorado Concierge will take care of the rest.

Colorado Concierge’s private sleigh rides in Copper Mountain offer that romantic experience you’ve been dreaming about. Copper Mountain private sleigh rides feature a majestic horse, a luxurious sleigh with seating up to eight & a friendly & knowledgeable guide who will ensure your safety & satisfaction from start to finish. Now it’s time to imagine yourself and your beloved gliding through the enchanted snow-capped forests of the Rocky Mountains.

Private sleigh rides in Copper Mountain are the perfect way to propose, celebrate an anniversary or just snuggle up with those close to you. Don’t miss a chance for a memorable evening with your loved ones. No matter which Copper Mountain sleigh ride option you choose, you’ll be glad you added this activity to your vacation itinerary. Contact Colorado Concierge today to make a quick and easy reservation. Don’t forget to use Colorado Concierge’s door to door transportation to your sleigh ride in Copper Mountain.

What’s INCLUDED in this Activity

Your Sleigh Ride outfitter will be happy to provide you with warm blankets while on the tour.

What’s NOT INCLUDED in the Activity:

To enjoy your Sleigh Ride adventure and be protected from the high alpine climate, you’ll want to have the following items

-Warm Gloves or Mittens
-Goggles or Sunglasses
-Face Masks and Neck Gators
-Generally guests should dress in warm layers as you would for a day skiing on the mountain

Other General Notes

-All major credit cards accepted.
-All Sleigh Rides are Subject to a 24-hour non-refundable cancellation policy
-A Damage deposit and waiver will be required for each participant
-Complimentary transportation can be provided upon request
-Guests driving to the Base Camp for Check-in must arrive 30 minutes prior to tour time.