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Skiing & snowboarding in Telluride is like nothing else on earth. Our pristine mountains, fresh snow, & endless acres of terrain are what sets Telluride apart from all other ski resorts in the world but if you don’t have the right ski equipment, your experience will be limited. With Colorado Concierge, renting skis in Telluride has never been easier. We have over 25,000 sets of the newest equipment and a wide selection of brand name skis & snowboards. Ski rentals in Telluride have never been more convenient as well. Colorado Concierge has over five locations just in Telluride that cater to rental equipment as well as retail goods so you can shop for all your winter clothing & accessory needs.

Renting skis in Telluride is a great way to ski or ride on the newest equipment year after year without having to spend a fortune on purchasing the equipment. At Colorado Concierge we only rent current year model skis & snowboards so you can be assured that you’re carving through the snow on the latest technology. Our Telluride ski & snowboard rentals are tuned & waxed before each rental to ensure you’re getting the most out of each day on the hill.

Renting skis in Telluride has never been easier. All you need to do is determine which days you’d like to ski or ride, select the right package based on your ability level & preferences and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll schedule your fitting at the closest rental shop to your lodging location or we can have the rental techs bring the equipment to you. With either option, your Telluride ski rental experience will be seamless and you’ll be on the mountain in no time.

Renting skis in Telluride has never been easier. Whether you want to visit one of our stores to see the vast selection of models or get a pair of skis & boots delivered to your hotel, Colorado Concierge has your Telluride ski rentals covered. Once you arrive in Telluride for your vacation there’s always to mad dash to get everything sorted out. You have to check into to your hotel, get your ski passes, get groceries for the week and finally get your Telluride ski rental equipment. Let Colorado Concierge take some of the load off by reserving your ski rentals in advance. Better yet, we will have everything brought to your location. We’ll fit your boots and adjust the skis onsite while you relax in the comfort of your lodge.

Now that you’re here in Telluride it’s time to decide what type ski rentals you want. Telluride ski rentals is perfect for all types of skiers and all abilities. We’ve outlined the different types of Telluride ski rental options below:

Beginner Telluride Ski Rentals – Beginner Ski rentals are designed for those of us new to the sport of skiing. Beginner rental skis are typically shorter & more narrow which gives you more control while on the slopes. When using Telluride beginner ski rentals, we’ll set the “din” or release pressure to a lower setting so that your skis will release from the bindings if you fall. It’s ok, everyone falls. The low release setting will minimize injuries from occurring.
Intermediate Telluride Ski Rentals – Intermediate ski rentals are designed for those of you who have some skiing experience. Intermediate Telluride Ski Rentals are often longer and a little wider under foot so you can really carve into the snow on your turns. These Telluride rental skis tend to be a bit faster on the snow so you can really move if you want to. The “din” or release setting will be set in the middle so your bindings will release with some pressure but will also stay on when they should if you’re making hard turns or riding through powder.
Advanced Telluride ski Rentals – Advanced ski rentals are designed for avid skiers. These skis are typically longer & much wider under foot allowing you to go faster & float through the powder fields. Advanced Telluride ski rentals typically have a higher “din” or release setting which allows skiers to cut through the powder and never lose a ski. Yes, people lose skies in powder quite often in Telluride. We have end of season parties where we go looking for our lost loved ones when the snow melts.
Junior Telluride Ski Rentals – Junior or kids ski rentals are typically smaller in length & width to accommodate for their small frames. Our Telluride ski rental technicians will choose the best possible skis based on their age, size & ability.

Renting snowboards in Telluride has never been easier with Colorado Concierge. We only rent the newest snowboards with the latest technology. With hundreds of models to choose from, you can be assured that your snowboard rental in Telluride will suit your needs. We’ve included a list of the different types of Telluride snowboard rentals below.

Beginner Telluride Snowboard Rentals – Beginner snowboard rentals are designed for those of you new to the sport of snowboarding. These Telluride rental snowboards are typically shorter & more narrow. Beginner snowboards typically have a side by side binding configuration which is more natural & comfortable for the rider.
Intermediate Telluride Snowboard Rentals– Intermediate snowboard rentals are designed for riders who have some experience on the mountain. These Telluride snowboard rentals are typically longer & more wide which allows the rider to go faster and float through the powder bowls of Telluride. Telluride intermediate snowboard rentals usually have the forward pointing front foot position which allows for more control at higher speeds.
Advanced Telluride Snowboard Rentals – Advanced snowboard rentals are designed for avid snowboarders who know what they want to ride and how to ride it. These advanced Telluride snowboards are typically longer & wider which allows for a much faster ride & smooth carving capabilities. The binding setting can be adjusted to riders preference but most advanced riders choose a forward pointing front foot so they can have complete control of the board at high speeds.
Junior Telluride Snowboard Rentals – Junior or kids snowboard rentals are typically smaller in length & width to accommodate for their small frames. Our Telluride snowboard rental technicians will choose the best possible snowboard based on their age, size & ability.